Discovery FamilyHershey's Spreads Scripts

15-second animated spots incorporating product with the network’s (Discovery Family) brand

Spring, 2015

Out of the Woodwork

Spot opens with a shot of our family on family movie night. Family members are sitting on the couch. It’s dark, but the TV illuminates the room so everyone is seen. Dad is wearing a Discovery Family t-shirt. Family members are dipping pieces of fruit into a Hershey’s Spreads jar.

VO: Hershey’s Chocolate Spreads brings everyone out of the woodwork

Cut to Dad dipping his apple slice into the Spreads jar

Cut back to couch shot. A large man in shorts, wearing a red tank top, a bad visor (atop his white hair) and sunglasses, now joins family on couch

VO: Even Uncle Bill

The family stops dipping and stares at Bill, mouths agape

VO: Brought to you by Hershey’s Spreads. The possibilities are delicious

  1. On an Adventure

Spot opens with a child walking through the front door (POV is from his back), geared up for the first day of school. Sticking out of his backpack is a Discovery Family pennant

VO: Going back to school is always an adventure

We cut to the exterior of the house as the boy runs out. He sprints down the sidewalk, en route to the bus

VO: Add something unexpected to yours

As the boy is running, his cap blows off and gets caught in the branches of a tree. He jumps up and retrieves it, but in doing so, upsets a bee that was hiding in the branches. The bee swarms around the boy. Bravely, the boy jumps over the bee, smiling as he resumes his run to the bus.

VO: Going to back to school is one sweet adventure. Brought to you by Hershey’s Spreads. The possibilities are delicious.